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Western Australia is the largest State in Australia and spans the entire western third of the continent. Winemaking in region is almost entirely concentrated in the south-west and great southern land divisions of the State. Some regions are close to the Perth the State capital but most are located much further south away from the metropolitan area. The regions include Blackwood Valley, Geographe, Great Southern, Peel, Pemberton, Manjimup, Margaret River and Swan District.

There is a significant history of wine production in Western Australia dating back to 1840 with the establishment of Sandalford in the Swan Valley region. The recognition of the fine wine possibilities started to be realised after the establishment of the Margaret River Region in 1967.

Three decades ago, Margaret River was better known for it’s various classic surf breaks but scientists like Dr. John Gladstones identified it as a prime location for premium wine production, which also happens to be the prime surf locations in Western Australia, and arguably Australia. This empirical perspective has driven the development of vineyards and wineries that have overcome the State’s geographic isolation and carved their mark around the world.

Margaret River has become known for its equally classic, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to its unique Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blends. The other regions also produce a diverse range of regionally distinct wines, from evocative Shiraz to a range of unique Cabernet Sauvignon blends.