Trade Services

Epic Negociants welcomes enquiries from trade customers within Australia and from international markets, importers, distributors and retailers.

We have a broad portfolio and a strong customer support service to ensure your order complies with your local market requirements, is efficiently processed, is monitored throughout the shipping process and is delivered on time with the correct documentation.

Services we provide

Brand support; In market visits, guided tours of Australian winery operations, digital marketing strategies and social media management are some of the core brand management techniques we use to support our trading partners. 

Freight forwarding; Booking ships or an introduction to a reputable freight forwarder suitable for your market.

Documentation; A complete and compliant set of export documents to ensure your shipment arrives in order and on time. Documents can include;

  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Free Sale/Health
  • Shipping Permit
  • Continuing Approval Number (CAN)
  • Associated Exporter Access to CANs
  • Proforma and Commercial invoices
  • Contract of Sale
  • Producer's license copies
  • Label Integrity Program (LIP)
  • VI1 (EU only)
  • FDA approval (US only)
  • Bill of Lading (BoL)
  • many other variants applicable to specific markets

Private label; Some clients wish to build their own brands, in this case we have two options available. We have clear procedures, Minimum Order Quantities and compliance checklists for these projects.

  1. The client specifies the packaging requirements, provides artwork and signs off proofs with our suppliers. We package with your specification. The client can utilise any of the services above.
  2. We can provide a completely finished brand ready to purchase and print. This does not include IP such as trademarking. We apply this artwork to our existing packaging specifications or the client can specify their own. All artfiles are owned by the client.