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The home of Epic Australian wine

South Australia produces 50% of Australia’s wine, with a focus on the red wine that Australia is known for. South Australia is also home to EPIC NEGOCIANTS, and where we control over 40% of Australia's premium grape vineyards from. It is also home to the most famous wine regions, historic estates and the oldest vines in the country. 

Dividing Australia physically, South Australia produces the majority of the nation’s wine. With the oldest vines in Australia as found in the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills, through their isolation, they have survived the great phylloxera plagues that wiped out the vines of North America, Europe and Australia’s eastern vineyards. 

South Australia also introduced Quarantine restrictions that saved the vines from phylloxera and ensured the State retained its grape growing status. 

There is great variation in the different soil types and local mitigating influences such as altitude and cooling ocean breezes that allow for a wide range of wine styles and qualities. South Australia also has a diverse range of climates from the relatively warm temperate climate of the Barossa Valley; to the maritime precincts of McLaren Vale, the Fleurieu Peninsula's Currency Creek, Langhorne Creek and Southern Fleurieu; the cooler Adelaide Hills region and the hot climate of the Riverland region on the Murray River. Explore our vineyards to find out more.