What is a Negociant? and how do i say it?

A Negociant (pronounced 'negosian' see this for pronounciation https://youtu.be/n56k46y2_Jw) is the traditional French term for a wine merchant who buys in grapes and barrels of wine from growers to sell under his or her own brand to provide customers with a trusted brand. They essentially developed wine branding by giving provenance to the product inside and allowing the customer to experience various vineyard sites under that 'house'. Many originated in Burgundy, but some in England, buying grapes or wine from the small producers or winemakers and then assembling, packaging and offering the wine under the their own brand name. In fact, some of the best known Burgundy makers including Jadot, Drouhin, and Bouchard Père and Fils are negociants, as were many of today's elite UK merchants who would ship barrels from Bordeaux or Burgundy and bottle under their own label. We buy fruit from iconic vineyards in great regions and have it made by some of Australia's finest winemakers under strict privacy. So we are able to select the best parcels of fruit and match with the best winemaker.

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